Stohlquist drysuit

Does anyone have a Stohlquist "B"pod drysuit that leaks around the collar? Mine does and I just noticed that there are a couple of horizontal tears on the inside of the neck material. Very strange as I had the collar replaced by Stohlquist about a year ago. I haver only used it three or foru times since. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem.

Sorry about the late reply.
I’ve been in the U.P. for a week, and boy did I miss my B-pod! With the temps I decided to leave it behind. At least I was reminded of how much nicer it is to paddle with a drysuit vs. wetsuit.

Anyhoo, I did develop some stress marks in the neo collar on mine last year (didn’t go all the way through). As I was island hopping everywhere from 10-20 miles from the mainland for a week, I decided to goop them just in case, and have had no further problems. I do get a little intrusion if I’m out for a long, hard rolling session, but that’s between my neck and the gasket. If you’re sure you’re getting intrusion between the grey gasket and black neo collar, I’d email Stohlquist and make sure Aquaseal or something similar is appropriate for a repair. They may recommend sending it in for repair; if there’s a material/manufacturing problem, it may help them make corrections on future garments.


There is an article
in the August issue of Sea Kayaker Magazine that show how to install neoprene gaskets on dry suits if you interested in replacing them yourself. The gaskets in the article are as waterproof as latex and much more comfortable and dependable. For $40 in materials you can upgrade the gaskets on about 20 drysuits. It’s a fun project and not that hard to do.


It was my understanding that the neoprene neck will slow water down but it is a compromise in comfort vs. effectiveness. For better performance the drysuit would need to have a tighter latex style gasket.

hey yakmanic
you might want to search this site for more about that suit…

Lots of users out there love the bpod series and its innovations and have no leakage issues…

personally i have dumped all of my latex gasketed tops and suits over to Stohlquists TiNeo gaskets…Love them…


b-pod neck gasket
I have a B-pod that came with the silver neck gasket. After a year the gasket had discolored and had what looked like a stress tear, although the suit was only lightly used.

Stohlquist replaced the neck gasket under warranty with a black gasket that I believe is now used on the B-pods.

my gasket is the silver variety:(

Think I may try making my own replacement with neoprene like the current SeaKayaker article.