stohlquist drytops

Has anyone out there tried the free ryde series from stohlquist???

am especially looking for opinons on the new titanium coated neoprene neck that is supposed to be completely dry…




haven’t tried that series…
but stohlquist has excellent dry tops. As for neoprene necks, those aren’t ever completely dry. IR has similar dry tops with neoprene neck gaskets which are 99% dry the first season. However, in subsequent years, they do tend to stretch. Also, since you can’t trim them, you need to try them out to ensure a good tight fit. They are much more comfortable than latex so I wouldn’t hesitate to use them to play in warmer water but I wouldn’t depend on them to keep my underlayers dry if I was doing a lot of playing in the water.

Stohlquist drytop
I have one. It’s an excellent garment. The (silverish) neck gasket is extremey comfortable & waterproof, all of the tunnels, velcro waistbands etc work very well, and I like the slate greycolor , so you don’t have to paddle around looking like a space age circus clown. I would recommend it.