Stohlquist ez dry suit

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this dry suit? I’m getting ready to take the next step and this price is really tempting. This will be for spring and fall paddling in upstate NY.Thanks for any and all responses and info.

Seems like a mod their b pod suit, that one works pretty well. The neck gasket isn’t totally waterproof but close and is a lot more comfy than latex. Relief zipper is nice, the bpod suit didn’t have that.

Bill H.

The EZ is a nice evolutionary upgrade from the B-Pod. Good tweaks and nicely tailored to be less baggy than some economy suits. Color choice was only black though.

I phased out the Stohlquist paddling suits in favor of the Kokatat, especially now with the Surge as the trouser/top waist sealing zipper feature rather stole the show. Also, made in USA is a plus.

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So people are liking the Surge?

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It is far and away the best idea for my odd needs. My suit with the lowered pzip is on its way back from Kokatat with a wet test and new gaskets. But I have been eyeing the Surge suits should I want to have something that could potentially be a second set of pants, or a drytop, or the full suit.

My biggest concern has been about that long zipper. I did not find the drop seat zipper worked all that well in a Kokatat ex-Coastie suit I picked up for really cold days (slightly oversized to fit additional layer). The zippers in the Surge are behaving well, assuming reasonable maintenance?

That looks great, I like the 2 piece option. But I noticed it is described as semi dry. So if I dump in 40 degree water will I stay dry or die? Thanks for your reply, I’ve been poking around here for a couple of years and your responses to everyone are always informative and helpful, no matter what the question is.

Neoprene neck makes it semi nm

Kokatat has…
2 suits with zip switch technology and a latex neck gasket. Between about $1200 and $1300 full price.

Semi Dry
Depending on your neck size, usually a seep not a bucket of iceboater down the neck.

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Loving my Radius

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with the same SwitchZip as the Surge. Wore the top today as it was 62F and very windy. Was glad I had it.

The Surge is a lovely suit and that neoprene neck is very comfortable. Chose the Radius instead for a variety of reasons, but both suits are versatile and wonderfully easy to put on and take off.

I practiced zipping and unzipping while sitting on the floor with the suit in my lap. Once you've got the zipper aligned correctly at the start, it's just a pull around your waist and a yank to close it up. So much easier than those diagonal front zippers on the other models.

I've only used it as a full drysuit three times in late June as the water warmed up in July. That will change soon as the trees here are starting to show a flash of color and the night time temps are 50F or lower.

Zip-Tech is helpful; the zipper is plastic and if warm, is very easy to get aligned. Discovered that when I left my suit in a hot car before putting it on.

You might get a few drips inside with the neoprene gasket vs. latex. You might feel it, might not.

For me the difference in comfort in worth it, latex neck gaskets are at best awful.

Bill H.

Though time of immersion matters
I can get away with little water if I roll. If I am over on my side sculling or laying in a static brace… my neo gasket tops let in enough water to soak my back.

I also have a chicken neck. My torso is these days is an NRS medium but my neck really wants a small to resist water coming in.

differs depending on the person
and depending on neck size.