Stohlquist Relief Zipper

A few of us pooled our money to buy a buddy a drysuit. He lost his mom a few days before Christmas and we wanted to do something nice for him. Anyway, we got him a Stohlquist Body Pod. Upon taking it out of the packaging, we found that the relief zipper did not want to open. It simply will not budge, even after putting on the zip lube that came with it. Anyone have this problem or a solution?

First pull is the hardest.
I thought I was going to break the toggle off the first time I tried to open mine! Both zippers “lock home”, so you’ve got to get it past that initial stopper. After that, the lube makes ALL the difference.


agree with longshadow
Very nice gesture, by the way. Your friend has very good friends.

I found the same thing when I got my BPod. After applying the lube, it still was tight. Took some firm but gentle easing along by small increments (I was terrified I’d break it) after sitting it in front of the register, reapplying more lube and letting it sit.

Good choice BTW, I think your friend will enjoy it.

Now is the
time to get it working, not when it’s really needed :slight_smile: