stohlquist water moccasin

has anyone tried these in there low volume kayak or other? just wondered if there was enough heal protection and if they were comfortable?

saw them at

We bought our Water Moccasins at Paddlers Cove and really love them. I have been wearing them in my low volume Outer Island and several borrowed SOF’s with great results. My wife paddles a very low volume skin boat and she has plenty of room. There isn’t a lot of padding on the bottoms so if you have tender feet it will be a bit uncomfortable on rocks. Otherwise, they are very comfortable while in the boat.


i will take another look at them then. :o)

Be carefull
Water mocassins are poisonous! And I don’t think that they would take too well to being worn as footware!


Just another uncontrollable p-net smart-aleck.

stohlquist water moccasin
How big are your feet? Mine are 11.5 - 12 and I found the largest size too restrictive, sold them to a friend of mine.