stohlquist WEDGe jacket input.

I have seen the Stohlquist WEDGe advertised in wundsurfing catalogs as being a jacket that is cut hi enough to work with waist and seat harness’s.

Has anyone used the WEDGe??? Input?

The WEDGe is supposed to have some non-slip neoprene panels inside and some extra features that the WEDGee does not.

Thanks! Scott

I bought a Wedge last fall. It doesn’t have any neoprene in it at all. The neoprene would probably make it a more secure fit with less ride up. It does fit well though, and has adequate adjustments. I used it kayaking a few times and had good range of motion. I took it windsurfing once, and worked well with a Dakine speed seat. It might interfere with a waist harness more. The only problem I had was that the colors bled onto my T- shirt, both orange and black. I ruined a couple of shirts and sent it back. The second bled the red and black, but less so.