Stolen Boat Database or Registry?

Does anybody know of a database or registry for stolen canoes? Is anybody here up for the challenge?

It does happen. The various law enforcement are tight lipped and don’t share much. Probably with good cause and reason.

I found one webpage for stolen kayaks.

We should give the guys at Mariner Kayaks a nod of recognition for this public service.

They deserve two big AttaBoys
considering that the Broze brothers have closed their retail shop and are no longer building boats. This is the most complete registry of which I am aware.


but “I’m not aware of too many things…”

In theory at least
Any item stolen that has a serial number or an “owner applied number” is, or at least should, be entered into the “National Crime Information Computer” (NCIC). If the # or description of the stolen article is then checked somewhere down the road the computer will bounce back with a match or a list of possible matches. The trick of course is if you report something stolen is that it is eventually actually entered into the system and secondly that the local police department feels a need to check the item to see if it is stolen.