Stolen canoe

Stolen 8/30/08 or 9/1/08 Allegheny River, Starbrick, Warren Co. PA.

Red fiberglass 17’ with woven seats & Cherrywood trim.

Make : Swift

Model Algonquin 17

Was last seen being towed downstream by two male persons in another canoe. P.neters are more far reaching than local law enforcement, maybe someone can help. I have the hull number, should I add it to the post?

Keep posting to keep it fresh.

You may want to repost entire subject line so its more catchy to people in that area. Such as

“Upstate NY Canoe stolen” etc. I think your title will get overlooked more. Just trying to help.

You should also post your stolen report on (maybe .net)

Also Canoe and Kayak magazine Online has a message board with a stolen boat report…not sure the URL…so do a search.

I would suggest that you

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make up a flyer with pictures of the canoe and the info you listed in your post plus the HIN and take it to the various local law enforcement agencies and to canoe outfitters in the area. For the police leave enough copies so that they can give individual officers their own copy. I would also include the value of the canoe, especially if over $1000. Knowing the value of the canoe can put the theft in a different category for the police.

If you have not done it yet, file a police report and make sure you include the HIN on the report. If you made the report without the HIN you should be able to file an admendment to it. Having the HIN on the police report was the only way I was able to get my stolen kayak back after 3 months of it sitting in the back room of a pawn shop. When they finally put it out in the parking lot on a sale day a police officer (off duty) recognized it and contacted me. Even with all the history, the pawn shop refused to return the kayak until I produced a copy of the police report with the HIN on it.

Funny part was that when they finally tracked down the guy who pawned it they found he was back in prison. He had been out on parole, but a few weeks after stealing my kayak they sent him back on a parole vilolation.

I wish you the best of luck in finding the canoe.


I would suggest that you post this on
the Paddlers Discussion Forum instead, because it will stay on the first page where people can see it for a longer time. It will have a longer shelf life on the other forums also.

Watch craigslist
These types are often not very bright.

all for the suggestions. I’ll follow up. This wasn’t my canoe, but belongs to a friend who doesn’t have access to the internet, so I’m trying to help him out.

Just found out it’s going to cost $2000 to replace it with a compairable model.

May the thieves be stricken with bad
river karma, or any kinda of bad karma for that matter!

Call insurance company
I hope the 2 bastards go over a low head dam in it and the only thing that gets threw unscathed is your canoe. I will keep an eye on ebay for this boat. I wrote down your info.

Also… Carry a copy of the title or reg. so if you see it you got evidence for the cops. Or if you beat the hell out of them remember they swung on you first !!!Bill

Several more groups

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Here are three other groups in a reasonable vicinity to you where you could post a stolen boat alert.