Stolen canoes in eastern MO

Friends in the Open Space council, and Stream Team are trying to get out notice of two stolen canoes, near St Louis.

Stolen Canoes…

Help A Trip Leader Find His Boats

Please take a look at this message from Joe Brinkmann:

“Both of my canoes were recently stolen from our barn in High Ridge. I’d love to get the word out to as many people as possible to see if anyone can help find them. One was a very old Grumman that my dad bought in 1948. The other was an Old Town that my kids painted yellow, green and blue. I have pictures of both if someone has any ideas.

If I can’t find them, I’ll be needing to buy a couple, so if anyone has something for sale I’d appreciate knowing.”

Please share this email and contact Joe Brinkman at 314.406.5071 or at if you have any information!


Kat Dockery & the OSC Team

.You can try to get them listed @ this site but I cannot vouch for the effectiveness of finding them or getting them back… U can bet it was local kids who stole them …watch on Craigslist in yer area and surrounding areas for them to pop up 4 sale. Or You can post that a description on Craigslist…making it hard for the thieves to sell them.

The aluminum my get sold for scrap.
Advise the scrap yards of the stolen aluminum canoe.

Good advice, but …
… unfortunately, scrap metal buyers tend to be as dishonest as they come, and not at all likely to report stolen material (they make money on the recycling regardless of where the customer got it). I’ve heard that around here, it’s not at all uncommon for them to gladly hand over cash for shiny, never-used manhole covers, and the ONLY way a person could get their hands on new manhole covers is to steal them from construction sites.

It’s worth a try to check in with metal recyclers, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up that they do anything if the boat turns up.

Sorry about that…

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I hate thieves.

Agree with yanoer about checking scrap buyers.
Wouldn't hurt to check pawn shops.

Doubt thieves would do this, but check craigslist (canoes for sale) in Missouri for awhile. Lots of thieves are pretty dim bulbs.

Any local creeks, rivers, lakes, in the area where canoes were stolen? Might check accesses on those. Doubt thieves went paddling; probably stolen for quick buck resale.

Probably local kids, &/or tweakers; probably live closer to you than you know.
Bet within a 5 miles radius of your location, and knew beforehand canoes were stored where they were.

Good luck,

P.S. Generally speaking: "Don't make it easy for boat thieves". Write down boat serial numbers, take photos of boats, cable, or chain them to immovable objects. Compare cost of preventive measures to replacement cost of boats.........