Stolen Feathercraft Aironaut and 3-piece break-down carbon flyer paddle

Update 10/21/19: kayak and paddle have been recovered.
Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:
On September 25th 2019 someone apparently stole my feathercraft aironaut with its 3-piece carbon fiber paddle from the public boat ramp at Cummins Ferry, Versailles, Kentucky.
The black seasock is custom made from the same fabric as the deck, the paddle has been made specifically for travel and only one has been produced (unless he can make me another :frowning: . Thanks!
If returned I will post an update.

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Good luck. I hope they catch the scum that took it.
That setup is unique enough. Keep a sharp eye on craigslist, pawn shops, ebay and anywhere else people see stuff.

Dang, people, leave other people’s kayaks alone! That’s a real bummer, hope you will recover it.

So sorry - will keep an eye out on the used market in my area.

Good to hear you’ve gotten your stolen boat back. Hopefully the thief was identified and charged.

Really glad to hear that you recovered it! I had notified folks on another forum about the theft – I’ll pass along the good news there.