Stolen Kayak in Eastern Florida!!

-- Last Updated: Dec-09-05 2:33 PM EST --

I had a new boat stolen last night in Palm Coast, Florida. It is an Eddyline Falcon S18, serial number EDY90542K506. This is a unique boat, actually a one of a kind. It is a "tester boat" from Eddyline. It has a red deck with a transparent amber hull. If you have any information of its whereabouts, please contact me. Thanks for your help!

That would be hard to hide . . .
Sounds like it would stick out like a sore thumb . . . it should be easy to spot . . . I sure hope they catch the culprit!

Eddyline Owner

I’ll be down that way soon.
I’ll keep my eyes open for it.


Should I use buckshot or salt?

Here, GP Is Better Than Carbon…

– Last Updated: Dec-09-05 6:32 AM EST –

More satisfying thump. Less chance of being convicted of premeditation when it's a "tool" one normally has for a paddling excursion... ;)


a kind of see-thru hull on a really sweet Eddyline I just came across. It’s more or less a bare resin hull, and I’d like a nice, shiny white hull for down here in Florida, for better visibility as well. The paint should be thick enough to cover these funny almost cuniform markings on the hull as well.

I think this will be a boat I can live with for quite a while once I put it through its paces, but I want to get it prettied up before I take it out…

And we’ll ALSO keep an eye out for -what was that? A red over amber Eddyline?

Boy, lemme tell ya… folks who do that oughta be paddled. With a GP. End-on…

So -K-Rep, all I can say is, when you find that person?


-Frank in Miami

Phone #?
Live in St. Lucie County, travel to Brevard County a lot.Will keep an eye out for it…if they head south.

Live in Brevard county
and travel quite a bit.

Usually have my eyes open, except when driving! :slight_smile:


We’ll be snoozing past you on the way to Long Key 24 December!


Too easy to do Frank
Some Britesides I have left over would…

I’ll also keep my eye out for an S18 - with any color deck/hull.

Will keep,
an eye out, I’m in North Broward county and will be driving north today to do the Silver Springs Race tommorrow, that S18 would be a good racer, it it’s there we’ll dump the culprit on Monkey Island and bring the boat back.


live in Volusia, will keep an eye outNM
Saw four Eddylines this AM actually headed for the river west of DeLand. But think it was a legitimate group.

Any Pictures of it you can post?