Stolen Kayak - P&H Aries 155 - Lansing Michigan

Posted in Facebook today - Trey Rouss’ (owner of The Power of Water) personal kayak was stolen from a trailer by the store. It is well used and has a rather unique color scheme

They STOLE my boat! Please help to find, KILLER REWARD!
P&H Aries 155, very used. I kind of wanted to retire it on my terms. Share this post if you can. Contact Trey (517) 927-3859 if you see someone other than me in this boat.


Wow. No idea what the owner looks like but it’s a kayak that would catch my eye.

Humans can be incredibly cruel: Trey has done so much for our local paddling community and this shouldn’t happen to anyone, let alone a good person like him. Thanks for letting us non-Facebookers know Rich. I’ll look around at this end of town, and when we head north this weekend. At least the local paddlers know this boat - it might help. K.

Paddling northern Lake Michigan both days this weekend, out of Little Traverse Bay, and will keep a lookout - as well as while on the road.

The kayak was found, stashed in the woods near a river.

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Good to hear you got your kayak back.
Sorry to hear thieves weren’t caught.
I’d guess it was taken on the spur of the moment; then stashed when the thieves realized they didn’t have any plan on what to do with it.


Hard to say what was in the thieves minds when they grabbed the kayak. Trey’s store is near the Grand River not far from downtown Lansing. They may have stashed it thinking to come back later with a vehicle or who knows what. It’s good that he has it back.