Stolen Kayaks

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Just noticed this post which was added as a reply to another one, apparently by mistake.
Not my post. Hope he/she ( tuitui161) gets the boats back.

We just found out our two wooden clear finish kayaks that we left in our living room in the cottage in Ontario Canada were stolen today at Noon time. A white pickup truck was seen carrying them out on the dirt roal with the kayaks in the back.
One 16 foot and one 17 foot Woodtech name on each deck clear finish.
Any information or ideas how to get this information out to the general Ontario and the NE of the US would be appreciated.
Thanks so much.

other sites to post on
Leave a post on and found, on boats and gear, on appalachian mountain club (AMC) forums/gear talk.

Sorry to hear that
Sea kayak thefts are fairly rare in Ontario but the thieves may have thought they were expensive because they were wooden.

If you make up an accurate description of the boats you could post it on the GLSKA forum whose members are mostly in Ontario. There are over 200 of us that paddle all over Ontario and would be glad to keep an eye out for them and help catch the rip off artists hopefully.

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or you can E-mail me direct with the info and I’ll post it myself if you don’t care to register.

Hope they turn up.