Stolen Legend

Michael Gray of Uncommon Adventures had his Foster/Seaward Legend stolen in Charleston, SC on 4/17.

It is white over orange (Creamsickle) Seaward Legend kayak w/white keelstrip.

Keep your eye out.

Michael can be found at

and Facebook

keep an eye …
…on craigslist in the area, for the boat to possibly show up for sale

sounds pretty one-of-a-kind

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Is this the boat of the guy who stole the Onno paddles? Sounds like bad karma to me.

during the ECCKF?
if so that boat could be anywhere by now. tons of people with kayaks on their cars and trucks and no one would take any notice for a particular boat.

That really sucks. I had a Dagger RPM Max taken off my car a few years back as well. I figure I will be paddling one day and some dude is going to paddle by…

I am two hours away so I will check with the local shops to see if anything has been offered.


This has been posted in the local paddling message boards.

“Need help find a missing kayak: White on Orange Legend Fiberglass Kayak. Went missing between the hours of 8 pm and 10 pm on Sunday, April 17 at the kayak launch at JICP during the kayak festival. Boat belongs to Michael Gray. If found, please contact Michael at”

By 8 pm the park is closed to the public and almost everyone has broken down and left so there isn’t anyone from the outside public there. It’s also a very safe park and this will probably be the only thing stolen. At any rate I don’t think it will turn up around here as there are many volunteers and instructors who work hard to put on the festival and are fully aware of the stolen kayak and paddle in all the outings.

It’s a boat that catches attention…
I would guess a boat like this would be hard to move, sell or dispose since this is the kind of boat that has a marquee value in the paddling community. By spreading the word, anybody interested in this kind of boat (and at one point in my life, I looked to purchase this model) would keep in mind that there is a “stolen Legend” that could end up in their resale community. I will certainly keep my eyes open here in Florida where the paddling season is year round. Not a bad idea, if available, to post the serial number and any distinctive marks or specs.

Wishing you the best!

Doubt it will make it to this area
…but if it does, it will stick out like a sore thumb because there aren’t many such boats around.

Hope they catch the scum that stole it and make him pay the consequences.

got any SN’s ?
any serial numbers from the boat to post? might help people identify it as the stolen boat vs a look-a-like boat.

Kayak found!!
The kayak has been found in the Charleston area and is being held for the rightful owner. Thanks for posting this here, otherwise, it may never have been returned.