Stolen Liquid Logic Lil Joe

A blue liquid logic lil joe was stolen from my backyard last week. The boat has the “liquid logic” name on both sides and says “lil joe” on the back. The boat is about 7’7" long and is in close to new condition. Please pass the word along to fellow paddlers. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. The serial number is EQK 16418H505.


phone: 252-327-0820

Pitt-Greenville crimestoppers: 252-758-7777

Greenville Police: (252) 329-4315 or 252-830-EYES

Thank you very much,

Chris Schnur

Where Are You Located?
The boat could end up being sold on a local whitewater board, or boatertalk gearswap as well as EBay. Would be wise to to post on those as well.

Do you have any other distinguishing marks besides the serial number? I have taken to writing my name and telephone number on the bottom of the cockpit where it’s clearly visible. I have also taken out an interior feature, like the seat, and writing my name/number and then putting the feature back on. No one would know it’s there except for me.