Stonington, ME

Can anyone tell me where the Colwell ramp is in Stonington? Just got back a week long paddle trip there but never did find that ramp. The paddling was superb with numerous eagle sightings and one seal spotted.

behind the ferry terminal,d.dmg

The town website (above) describes it pretty well.

Turn left off Rt 15 onto Seabreeze Ave. At the end of the road you’ll be facing the Isle au Haut boat company building. Turn right to go behind that building. You’re there.

call bill at old quarry

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end of seabreeze ave downtown - next to the isle a haut ferry terminal. public launch.

before you go thinking i'm all super smmaaahht....

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set yer google maps to

44 09 14.59N
68 39 42.77W

So it is that natural stone ramp behind the ferry terminal?

That’s it. High quality native granite ramp surface at the top end… They spared no expense.