storage and transportation?


just purchased my kayak, but haven’t picked it up yet. I installed two goal post style racks to the bed of my truck. Is it a good idea to transport it(necky manitou 14) cockpit side down? Also, planned on storing it in my garage the same way on short plastic shelves. is this a bad idea? thanks muchly

Good Choice
Of boat. Cockpit down on bars or goalpost type racks.

upside down
the kayak will sit upside down on two horizontal bars for transportation. also, upside down and resting on three or four sections of plastic shelving. thanks

transport will be fine with the hull up, just make sure you secure the bow and stern with tie offs to the bumper. Wind turbulence while driving can cause some scary shifting if you don’t. And don’t leave it on the rack in the sun for long periods because the plastic will soften and dent.

For storage, sounds OK. The best way to store a kayak is on its side if you can secure it that way, but as long as it is well-supported, storing it upside down or cockpit up will both work. A cockpit cover is good insurance to keep creepy crawlies and furry things out of it.