Storage bag in kayak rigging?

Hi all,
New to sea kayaking. Am purchasing an older rig with no day porthole. I’m thinking of snacks, water, camera, hat, - quick items I want to be able to reach as I am paddling. Any kind of storage containers to attach to the kayak rigging? A wet bag strapped in perhaps? Any suggestions? I am wondering how others have solved this problem?

Search for “kayak deck bags”. I think this may be what you are looking for.

More adventurous paddlers usually skip on these, as there are some downsides to putting things on decks (like limiting some paddle strokes, being in the way for rescues, and the like).

There are other ways to carry stuff without deck bags nor day hatches. Getting a PFD with a decent number of pockets would be one start. Carrying a dry bag in the cockpit with you is another.

You can purchase a deck bag that attaches to your front deck line with clips. I used one for years in my Nordkapp which had no day hatch - it worked great for storing food as well as suntan lotion, water, radio… all those items you need quick access to. You can position it forward on the deck so it doesn’t interfere with your paddling. If you do decide to get one, practice rescues with it attached to your deck so you get used to it. As Peter suggested, do a search for “kayak deck bag”.

I prefer a clean deck, holding only my spare paddle, contact tow, and Forerunner, so I use a Kokatat Tactic Pack attached to my PFD and an underdeck bag for my kayak.

2nd the Northwater underdeck bag. I’ve had them in almost all my kayaks and they hold more than it looks. You can get extra clips so that you can switch one bag to several boats.

Seals deck bag not to big but big enough for a lot of stuff.

Or “water shed” deck bay is waterproof

I get headlamp, two bottles water, strobe light, small camera, gloves, sun screen, couple of nut bars. On top cell phone in dry-pac. I like the seals although not waterproof if under water. I spray it with water-repellent and stuff stays dry for waves and rain.

I use a hydration pack from WalMart with the bladder removed. It holds water bottles, dry bag, flares, first aid kit, small horn, knife etc…just put it under the deck bungees and clip it top and bottom with caribiners. Stays in place even during capsizes. (two Saturdays ago) You may also want to get a pump. I suggest one with a float. The one in the picture is from West Marine. The nice thing about this deck bag is that I can remove it easily and take it on hikes, etc off the boat.

I put one of those Nortwater under deck bags in but the prep on the front tabs wasn’t good and it let go. Will redo eventually.

In the summer you might not want to keep food on the deck. I use a fishing tackle bag in the cockpit in front of my feet. Look for a tackle bag with a rubber bottom and large enough to hold a watertight box for your camera, binoculars, and wallet; etc. Walmart has some good ones this year, along with cheap plastic boxes made by Outdoor Products.

I attach a line from the tackle bag to the deck lines so as to not lose it in case of a capsize. Make sure that neither this bag nor any line attached to it will interfere with an emergency exit.

A small fanny pack can also be attached to the deck for small items that you need frequently. Outdoor Products (Wal-Mart) has good cheap ones.

On camping trips I use the SealLine Baja deck bag but really try not to overload it as it can affect your balance. Many people object to having anything at all in the cockpit or on the deck, for valid reasons. I would say it depends on the conditions.