Storage for a 14ft kayak?

So I’m brand new here and tried searching a little bit but couldn’t find anything. I just recently bought a 14ft native watercraft manta ray, I didn’t think about storing the kayak though. (idiot move I know…) The best idea I can think about is storing it under my deck.

My plan is to put some straps under there to support it and keep it off the ground.

Maybe a tarp between the top of the kayak and the bottom of the deck to keep the water off of it from rain, and not have the tarp directly on the boat so it will have ventilation.

Is this a good idea or does anyone else have a better idea?

On its side?
Is there enough room to store the kayak on its side under your deck?


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So, simply, you could just throw it under the deck on the ground and it likely will be just fine. The boat is a sit on top, so any water that falls on it will go straight through the scupper holes.

If you are in a hot area, the plastic can soften and the boat could pick up indentations based on what surface it is on. Storing the boat on its side is one way to reduce the chance of this (the plastic is stronger on the sides than the bottom).

You may want to store it upside down to keep dirt off of the area you sit on.

Under a deck is better than out in the sun. Long term sun exposure shortens the life of the plastic.

Yes I can. Everything I have read says that the sun and ground are the worst enemies. I figured if put a tarp in between the kayak and the bottom of the deck in a water shedding way that it would be protected all around.

It would be in the shade, off the ground, it could possibly get wet every now and then depending on the random North Carolina storms.

Weather Changes
Would it be ok under there during the winter months as well?

NC Winter
It probably doesn’t get cold enough in North Carolina to cause any real damage to the plastic. Severe winter weather could make the plastic more brittle, but we are talking subzero cold for extended periods of time.

Hot summer temperatures are probably more of a worry for you. It could make the plastic softer, and then depending on what you have the kayak sitting on it could cause some deformation in that area.

If you have enough space, you could build a simple rack out of 2x4s just high enough to get it off the ground. Put some padding (pool noodles or closed-cell foam) on the parts of the 2x4s that the kayak touches and it should be OK I would think.

It’s a good idea
But you don’t need the tarp. Water will not hurt your boat.

I have several kayaks in South Mississippi stored outdoors and have never had heat issues nor known anyone who did, as long as you don’t leave it in direct sunlight and don’t store it setting hull down on the ground.