Storage for Six Kayaks

Right now I am lucky becaue I have a long narrow shed to store 4 kayaks, and I have a couple more in the garage.

I need to rearrange them to make for easier access to the ones I use most.

Any one have a good system to share?

Talic Kayak Condo
Two Talic Kayak Condos would be awesome.

I just installed one in my garage and it works great. I saw it favorably reviewed here, and it was recommended by the paddle shop. It is a bit pricey, but a bargain considering the quality of design, materials, directions. Take a look at the reviews here. Each one holds three kayaks.


Our Garage?

Kathy Said
Kathy said that at least you have room to park a car in your garage. We don’t. But all the camping equipment is as much to blame as the kayaking stuff.

I still have that commercial rack you gave me, but no where to put it up…

Use the hanging straps
like Chuck uses

I second the Talic Kayak Condo
I do not find them pricey when you factor in a Paddling Perks discount, they are about $35-40 per kayak. NOt bad…could you make it cheaper at Lowes or HD? Yes. Should you? No. Good luck, Cuda.

Words to the wise…
…do NOT use the hanging strap systems sold which utilize plastic (nylon) clip-type buckles. They can and will fatigue and fracture, ultimately dumping your boats in the dirt. Ask me how I know…

I currently use ratchet-type tie-down straps, suspended from the trusses in the shop. Work great, inexpensive, adjustable, and very secure.

kayak storage

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We store our yaks in cradles created using J-hook style plant hangers picked up at Lowes, padded with sections of pool noodles. Spaced correctly, they give excellent support to your yaks, and we have used this system for our Sit on top fishing yaks and our P&H Quest Sea Kayaks. They hold the yaks tight against the walls of the boathouse, stored on their sides and a pair of hooks and the short sections of pool noodles cost less than $20 per boat

I can't claim it was an original idea, I stole it from the dealer where I buy my yaks, nearly ten years ago and have never had a problem. You can even run a bungee from the end of the hooks to an eye bolt in the wall above your yak if you feel the need of extra security, but I never have never felt the need. Drop me an email if you feel you need pics of the set up, the folks on KFS have loved this idea so I have plenty of hi-res pics. Glad to help.

Jim in VA