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Ok, I admit it. My habit may be encroaching on my lifestyle. Forutunately, my wife has the same addiction.

We have five kayaks, one canoe, and need help. Any cool ideas on a storage unit for at least six boats in a minimal space? The spot I have in mind is behind my shop, could be 6’ X 18, or so…

An easy access rack with reasonable security measures comes to mind. No snow load. Low cost. DIY for a fairly competent builder.

Any thoughts?


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Next problem please.


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built to hold 6 boats one-sided against a palm tree backdrop on the side of my back yard. Design would fit your size parameters, but probably not 5 kayaks & a canoe as I configured & built mine. It might give you some ideas, however...

See it at;photo_height=-1;photo_width=-1


For yours, I'd suggest an inwardly-canted A-frame setup buily of 2X4s, with a narrow (~2-3') base tapering to the point of the A, around 8' tall from base to top of the A, with arms to hold your boats constructed across the "faces" of the As. A 2X6 of perhaps 6' of length would connect the apexes, and dual 2X4s of perhaps 8-10' in length would connect the lower sections.

Cross-members of 1X3 are enough to hang my 200+ pounds, so they'll hold a kayak just fine. The 2X4s should be plenty strong for the verticals of the As.

And, within the base of the As you could construct a lockable box to hold your paddles & PFDs if you like.

The whole thing -as was mine -can be bolted together and taken apart for moving if needed.

OTOH, you could plant a pair of 12' 2X6s 4' in concrete in holes in the ground about 6-7' apart, connected by a pair of 2X4s -one low, one high, and built arms on it to hold your boats on either side of the posts. It would be a narrower rack than the A-frame version noted above, but not quite as portable.

I made mine in about 4 hours, 8 hours including design, wood & hardware purchases and transportation to/from Home Depot. I used PT pine for longer life in our South Florida climate. The 'work' involves sawing & cutting. sanding, drilling, actual construction and test assembly and dissasembly in our carport, and then transport of all parts and hardware to the backyard, and final assembly 'in situ'. I figure it cost me around $60 or so, I think...

Security is accomplished by making my own double-ended nooses from cable and locking each SINK, and my glass Isthmus SOT thusly. I run another cable through our other SOTs scuppers, and lock the ends together. All cabling is then locked by another cable to both the rack, and an in-ground fencepost of the fence behind the palm trees.

Or, if you don't want to go the DIY route -and as already as noted, use the Paddling Perks discount and get an already-developed, commercial rack...

To hold your fleet in between the times you


-Frank in Miami

More more more, howd-ya like it.

Esp check out the webshot links to many ideas.

Pic of a simple, inexpensive rack…
…are available in my “Kayak Storage Rack” album on Webshots at:

UV Degradation
Doesn’t exposure to the sun damage the exteriors? I would think covered storage would be preferred.

It IS covered
The last 4 pics show how I cover it with a 16’ x 20’ tarp, close it and anchor it. It’s kind of hard to explain how to build it with the tarp on. :wink: