storage inside cockpit

I need some options for storing my camera, gps, phone, etc., inside the cockpit of my boat, while keeping them easily accessible. I saw something called a “peek a boo bag” in a Current Designs catalog, but I can’t find it online. I will have a skirt on but I can pull it back and get whatever I need. I just don’t like the idea of reaching back to the day hatch everytime I want to snap a picture. It is for a Chatham 16. Any ideas?



North Water bags
At, they have a good selection of in- cockpit bags. I have the underdeck bag, and the interior mounted cockpit bags. they are kind of pricey, but do the job. The underdeck bag I permanently mounted, and the side bags are removable as the situation warrants.

Take a look, it may give you ideas as to what you want to do.


Ditto North Water…
Under deck bag and you can buy extra mounting tabs so you can switch boats.

Grayhawk installs them free of
charge, while you sit sipping a glass of wine, under his palm frond shelter, at the edge of the water letting the balmy Key Largo breezes cool you from that eighty degree heat.


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Dirty Job…
…but someone has to do it… :slight_smile:

How about a deck bag?
I realize that you specified in the cockpit storage, but just thought I’d recommend one of these.

Deck bags have an advantage that you can access them while the skirts on… OTOH a clean deck is nice, but for me anyway, I just dont have much cockpit space in my QCC 700 to put much of anything.

Drybag on a string
Stre drybag forward o your footpegs. Pul back to you whn you want to retreve gear. Can shove it bak up with your feet.

nightmare entrapment scenarios galore

Waterproof deck bag
I have one and keep my digital SLR in it as well as my cell phone. Zipper is a bit tough to open and close but I’ve gotten the technique down finally.


deck bags
Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely check out some deck bags. I just figured in-cockpit storage would be the ultimate “dry storage” even if I found myself underwater. Anyone familiar with “Otter Boxes”?

“wet” mesh deckbag
filled with dry things inside (aquapac VHF, otterbox for camera, etc.)

Storage & the pains

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Anything you get from me is from experience so here goes.

1. Don't store the GPS in the cockpit, sometimes you will lose the signal. I keep mine bungeed to my deck

2. Store your cell phone in a separate bag. When you need it, it will be the only thing you need.

3. Cameras...are wonderful but if it isn't waterproof then it's also a pain ITA. I've spent $750 on Nikon repairs and used a pelican dry box. It was always a pain to get the camera out and of course I always wanted the picture that I couldn't get the camera out in time for anyway. One time moisture in the dry box steamed the camera from being in the sun all day.
So unless you are a photographer, "Happiness is:" a waterproof camera... and I have a Pentax.


It also provides a nice spot for a pump and paddle float.


forget the string on the drybag
and if you really love the Chatham, know you are going to spend a lot of time in it, dont want deck clutter, dont want a flimsy bag hanging under the deck, dont want a deck bag in your way then look at the thread on ‘Tempest 165 Perfected’.

There is always space above and between your legs. This space is rarely utilized. If you go with a glassed in knee tube or box you will have no entrapment issues and regain that wasted space.

Underdeck bag is NOT dry.
If you go into the water and turn the boat to empty it it the water will douse the bag on the way out…

composite or plastich Chatham 16?
On my plastic Chatham 16 I re-rigged the deck rigging with parallel bungies on each deck anchor with double fishermans knot tieing the bungie together. That gave three seperate deck loops with each loop having an adustable center section(adjustable fishermans knot) to tighten or loosen the bungie and hold specific items firmly without relying on the bungie holding it against the deck.

Using #8 wide pan head screws that fit within the doubled bungie I attached a mesh bag underneath that had a stiffened piece of plastic to hold the bag flat up against the underside of the deck. About 2"x6"x10" with 1/8" bungie drawstring enclosure held by push clamp.

I find this better than any closed fabric bag as it drains out instantly and anything in the bag will dry out if the cockpit is open. I can fit a pair of gloves, flares, radio, beanie in it.

Another area that’s underutilized is right on the floor between your thighs and against the seat. Glass/epoxy in four webbing tabs in a rectangular fashion then lace a 3/16" bungie with center clip. You can use that space for a small dry box, pump, nalgene bottle, whatever.

On a friends CD Extreme I epoxied in tabs under the deck then laced a mesh bag with stiffener to the tabs. His pump fits between the bag and the deck with the bag able to hold misc. items.

I’m not a fan of these closed up bags as anything closed up will not dry out.

part II

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on the floor of my Chatham I glued down vinyl patches with d-rings. Rough up the plastic well and apply numerous coats of cement. It's held on great.

The nice thing about the small hard dry boxes is that you can have a regular lunch that isn't squished. Secure right in front of the seat. Also a fine place to stash anything important that can be grabbed in a few seconds.

With both these set-ups I've been ejected from the kayak in the surf and it's stayed inside. They don't intrude into the space enough to interfere with entry/exit.

if you set the tabs/d-rings on the floor the width of the Pelican 1120 case it'll hold it down solid. There are other cases that are less clunky. Gluing a 1/4" piece of minicell one side of the box helps hold it down and in glass boats quiets down the grinding sound of hard plastic against fiberglass when removed or jammed into place.

rei mesh bag

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this isn't as perfect as the mesh bag I put in my Chatham but it worked fine in my friends Extreme. The bag I had was some pack accessory for a Cedar Creek travel bag where one side of the bag was sewn onto a piece of plastic.

Anyway, get that $5.5 yellow bag that's 5"x13". Get a piece of stiff plastic, I cut the lid of a Rubbermade bucket but maybe one of those thin 3/32" camping cutting boards will do. About 10"x 5-6" or enough that when it's stitched to the inside of the bag it'll confine the depth of the bag to a flat rectangle.

Then attach the package to the four tabs (atached by machine screws) with 1/8" bungie laced through and across the inside of the bag under the plastic.

This might provide enough room between the deck and bag to slide a pump, or maybe do away with the tabs idea and screw the plastic directly to the deck. Actually that might be better. If you drill the holes in the plastic stiffener right it'll bow up onto the deck and it won't hang down or dangle in your way. Like I said I've used this set-up and it holds all the stuff I want accesible. Getting stuff out of a day hatch where the aft deck is awash with water makes absolutely no sense.

The wide pan head screw is well protected by the bungies so rescues with friends glass boats won't find them landing on the screw heads when levered around sloppily in rough water.

the cheap REI mesh bag is pretty stiff so it holds things well and doesn't fall down when weighted.

They sure aren’t…
…I should have qualified my recommendation of the Northwater Underdeck Bag. It ain’t waterproof and I do not even consider keeping my camera, cell phone or any other thing that I don’t want getting wet in that bag. My bad.

I sure like having that space, though. Helps keep the deck clear.