Storage Issues

New member, but have been reading the excellent reviews for a while. I have been storing my Heritage Nomad on the ground under the porch as the house is 200 feet from the river, it is invisible from outside the house and a safe area. The area is more like a crawl space, it is about 3 feet high, 8 feet wide and 40 feet long with white criss cross pattern screening covering the sides. Now we have 3 kayaks (Heritage Expedition II and Clearwater Nunavut) and I thought I should take better care during storage. I thought of 2 options to store our 3 boats and wanted opinions on which is best.

I plan to put plastic over the dirt under the porch, the ground is damp, but it stays pretty dry overall. I have no where else to store them during the season, but during the winter could haul them to an unheated inside storage place, but would have to stand them on end. Here are the 2 ideas I had.

  1. Put eye hooks in the rafters overhead and use lengths of 2 inch webbing to raise the boats off the ground and suspend them on their sides. I can crawl in and pull them up pretty easily.

  2. Get some foam blocks to hold them and lean them against the house. I can slide them in and tilt over to the side, not sure if the blocks would stay in place while sliding, probably have to crawl in an reposition.

    The costs appear the same for either option.

Why not just put each one on two pool noodles.

Place the pool noodles so they will be under the bulkheads. One pool noodle cut in half should be all it takes for each boat

Keep cockpit covers on so no critters will crawl into them.

If the porch has a roof over it, that should be sufficient.

If not put a tarp over them to keep the crud off.