storage on air mattress?

Still contemplating the best way to store my new kayak. It has a tunnel hull design with a prominent keel running the length of the kayak, as well as no internal bulkheads. At present it’s resting on its side in the garage while I contemplate the best way to store. I considered hanging it on it’s side from the garage wall using straps, as well as covered (in a weather resistant, polyester kayak bag) standing on its stern outside. The former takes up some valuable wall storage space and the latter carries some risk as it would be resting in my wife’s flower bed :slight_smile: .

I’ve read of those who store it on foam blocks…I’m wondering if resting the kayak on a cheap air mattress (such as one would use in a pool), resting on it’s side atop the mattress would be better than foam or straps as the kayak would have a much larger area of contact to provide support. This seems like it may be the next best way to standing it on end.

So…has anyone considered or used this method?


Uh, Craig, if the hull is designed and
made with any degree of expertise, it does not need to be babied.

But why stop with an air mattress? Why not a 600 fill down comforter?

Seriously, though, I use some “used” lawn furniture cushions just to keep the lowest canoe in the pile off the carport floor.

pool noodles
Get the cheapo foam pool noodles (kids toys) to lay under it – won’t go flat like an inflatable will. In fact I hang my boats overhead from the basement rafters using eye bolts with rope threaded through 3 foot sections of hollow pool noodles as suspension cradles, on either side of the cockpit. Never had any problems and the boats look comfortable. The noodles keep the cradles extended so it is not difficult to get the boats up into or down from them. Straps tend to drag and hangup, plus they hang limp. Have also threaded the ropes through short lengths of old garden hose, another good cradle material.

Not an air matress, but a…
water bed!