Storage Question / Problem

Hello all.

I have 2 plastic Kayaks, a Capella 166 and a P&H Scorpio LV. I was storing them in my garage on the floor with some foam tubes under the pressure points. It gets pretty hot where I live (Abu Dhabi) and today I noticed that the areas where the foam padding was had indented into the hull. Obviously I dont want this!

So I have 2 questions:

How can I reshape the hull? I have heard of pouring boiling water onto the affected area and gently reshaping, but I dont want to do this if it will cause more damage.

Which position is best to store plastic Kayaks? Should I balance them against the wall so their side is against the floor or is there a better way? I know maybe a Kayak Rack would be best but that would still create pressure points and the heat may still cause some reshaping.


From my owners manual
On my plastic boat store on side with support at bulkheads or standing up on end leaning against something.

I’ve dented my boats from being overzealous with ratchet straps. Pops back into place when pushed from the inside. May have to do it a couple times but eventually it takes. Maybe put something in there to apply outward pressure for a couple days?

I had a similar experience
and I used hot wet towels to gradually return the hull to original form. It worked slowly but in the end the kayak returned to its original shape. I recommend that you hang the kayak in straps. The straps should be a near as possible to the bulkheads. I hang mine upside down and it works fine. Some hang them on the side and I understand that works well also.

Hair dryer has worked well…
on my deformed plastic boats.

Thank you all for your input!