Storage Rack for Canoes

We have a solo and a tandem that keep getting blown off the sawhorses on which we have them stored. We want to buy a solidly built metal storage rack that we can anchor to the ground or fence. Recommendations appreciated!

I don’t know about a metal rack, but I know you can build a pretty solid rack with some 4x4 posts, 2x4s, and some building hardware. Anchoring it to the ground is easy enough with a couple of post bases and a bag or two of Quikrete.

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I attached ours to a railing/ramp that runs from the house to the driveway of the detached garage. I had the posts so I used them and the location was perfect for a straight shot to the car. What I did different is I built a fold down loader station for the lower canoe and it makes flipping it over and sliding it into the rack an easy one man job. It is also a nice height for working on the canoe and cleaning them. The top rack could be a canoe but we have a rec-kayak on it and we load and unload it from the ramp side. Also easy to do alone.

When the loading station is flipped up it holds the boats from moving around. I could add a pin or lock even but haven’t seen the need.

Easy to mow under also.


Here’s another option that might work for you.

Also just FYI there are YouTube videos showing how to build a rack using PVC pipe.

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