storage rack plans for 6 kayaks needed

Looking to build a storage rack that is free standing, and I can store 6 kayaks…three on each side. I want to make it on wheels or casters to move it out of the garage when needed. Does anyone have plans that I can use?

Thanks in advance.

Build a basic wood frame to
attach two of these:

Or just make the equivalent out of wood and save some money.


My 6 boat rack
is made of 2 A-frames made out of 2x4’s and the base is an ‘H’ of 2x6’s on casters. The kayak holders are item #697316 at Home Depot, called a “Heavy Duty Arm Hanger”. It’s an L-shaped piece of steel tubing with foam padding. I think the whole thing cost me about $75 and took an afternoon to build and is bomber strong.

No plans, but a photo
Here’s mine – I turn the boats on the top level deck-down with some pool noodles over the wooden support. I have to take the top boats off to roll everything in and out of the garage. If I had to do it again I’d use 1x4 for the boat supports to make everything a bit lighter.

Hope this helps – Tom

You can build a variation of my A-frame
Pics are in my “Kayak Storage Rack” album on Webshots at:

Just make it shorter and extend the crossbars outside the frames. Leave off the extended top if you don’t need to cover the boats.

storage rack photo
I made this to hold three kayaks plus gear. I used hardware from the local big box store and 2x2 lumber. I also put wheels on it so I can roll it out of the garage if I need the work space.

You could increase the width to put two kayaks side by side, or increase the heighth to put two or three kayaks on edge.

I would upgrade to the 2x4 brackets and lumber if going higher or wider. The 2x2’s were adequate for my purposes as all my boats are under 40 lbs, and the 2x2 materials were cheaper. Seems I spent between $60-$80 for the brackets, lumber, wheels, and all screws.

When I moved, I disassembled it quite easily, and reassembled it at my new location, again, very easily. Very easy to build and has been very suitable for my purposes. I would have made another shelf for an additional boat or storage, but I didn’t have the garage door clearance to do so.

e-mail sent seaaddict
my initial plans got put on hold today. Also need a 6 or 8 boat rack, and wasn’t sure my idea was going to work. Yours sounds good.