storage racks

I originally stored my kayaks on a modified “A” frams with the horizontal bars extended to hold my boats and the paddles slid in the inside triangle.

All covered with a tarp.

Yesterday I bought a steel-pole frame (the kind people put uip as a ‘garage’) and will move the kayaks inside this one when done.


I have a number of ideas of hanging the boats.

  1. run an upright 2x4 with a short 2x4 extending away as a ‘shelf’

  2. run an upright 2x4 with conduit j-racks for the boats.

  3. hang webbing loops as slings from the frame.

    Any thoughts or experiences?

    Keep in mind that I have: 1 canoe & 3 kayaks, my daughter has 2 kayaks, her mom has two kayaks and i am storing Harry’s kayak until he has a place to live.

    So I am storing a fleet, not a single or pair like most normal people.

Rhino shelter
Last fall my husband and I bought and erected a 12x24x8 shelter comprised of a rigid steel tubular frame, covered with a polyethylene cover and double door ends in which to store our 6 kayaks (four of which are 17-18 ft long) and 1 canoe. My husband constructed a freestanding rectangular frame of 1/2" diameter steel tubes in the middle of the structure on which to rest the four sea kayaks. He would have preferred to construct a wooden triangular structure but was hard pressed for time) We hung two kayaks from the long sides of the frame using webbing and a 16 lb. canoe also using webbing on the frame of the structure.

He counsels not to use the shelter frame for hanging heavier boats. If you want a photo, email me.


Um, having more than two
Is not normal? Uh-oh.

Hanging in Slings
works best for me. I’ve got 3 kayaks hanging above the car and another hanging under the roof overhang on the outside wall of the carport. Large extension ladder on the other outside wall. If you’re creative there are many ways to store boats. The more room you have the more boats you can collect.

And even with no more room…
you can still collect more! I know this! Our better boats are in 2 sets of “3 boat racks” by Suspenz, and for 4 others we screwed eye hooks into the cement garage ceiling and used carabiners to hook onto webbing (overlapped at both edges for form a loop) and hang them on their sides on the webbing.

i had a triangular (a-frame)
but if i do that now, there will be no room to move the boats.

I figure that if I hang or mount on the frame, it will give me a central aisle.

I was thinking of making 2x4 uprights with cross beams along floor and ceiling for support and hanging the boats from the 2x4.

Right now they are laying on carpet on the ground inside the shelter.