Storage space - wet and dry

Being able to bring all that I want to have for a days trip is sometimes a problem. Having things organized with easy access can be difficult. Was wondering what you do to help with this?

Huge mesh bags
Check out Campmor for massive large mesh bags

– stuff can dry out, drip out, avoiding mildew

Yep, that’s the ticket NM

Under deck bag
jack L

I have many
I have 2 bags that alsways go in the stern. One has all the safety stuff and first aid kit that I hope to never need. The other has a quick kit for minor cuts and maybe a couple of small items. Then I have a food box with snacks and a small mesh bag with a few drinks.

When packing up I have all the gear I want to either put on or place in the boat at the last minute in a big mesh bad (from dive shop). That includes PFD, skirt, gloves, rope, etc. The wet stuff goes back in that bad at the end of the trip.

The first challenge is to get your equipment from your house to your car. For this I use a single large vinyl duffel bag made by Outdoor Products that holds everything. Walmart about $25 for (1 large, 1 small). This is large enough to hold your pfd, deck or cockpit bag, and even paddles (with the shaft sticking out).

Next you need a bag for the things you need to have at hand while paddling: personal items, gloves, sunglasses, food, sunscreen, raincoat, etc. I used a deck bag for a long time:

. . . but I prefer to have a clean deck so I now use a fairly large fishing tackle bag that goes in front of my feet in the cockpit. It isn’t waterproof but it’s made of vinyl fabric and it has lots of handy pockets. Cabela’s has some good ones. Here’s a nice small one:

Take out the tackle boxes and use them for screws and such.

In summer food may need to go in a cooler. For this I use a small soft-sided cooler that fits in the tackle bag. Hence the need for a fairly large tackle bag, but it has to slide easily between the foot pedals.

Safety equipment goes on the deck of course.

Things that you will use only occasionally or only at rest stops can go in dry bags in the hatches.

Last, I have a small zippered plastic pouch velcroed in the cockpit to hold small items that I use often, like sunglasses, as well as small maps. It’s actually a kids’ pencil case.

To simplify packing, I have a printed list of items to bring on day trips. I print it out in multiple copies, 4 to a page.