Storage: Thermoformed polyethylene canoe

If a canoe such as Old Town’s Rogue River 154SS is stored outside on a trailer, does it have to be covered at all times? I’m considering this canoe, to be used with a trailer. It would sit on the north side of my garage, so it would not see much sun. Thanks.

not a expert,
but I would cover it.

My Discovery 169 developed a hump or two and one day in the sun with pressure from the inside pretty well pulled them out.

Even a light colored tarp tossed over it should help reflect the heat and give the hornets a nicer place to build.

Thanks. Do you use a tarp or some sort of boat cover? Bungee cords, rubber straps?

I use tarps but if I drape them
Directly on the boat it makes a film of mold/mildew on the boat and the tarps don’t last as long. Rig up someway to block the sun/ tree sap but allow airflow between tarp and boat.

And the hornets enjoy the breeze.

If a properly racked canoe can’t take
occasional sun, what is it worth?

I assume you have it inverted, on the gunwales.

Don’t worry about it. A tarp is optional. If you use one, I agree it will be nicer if it’s kept from resting directly on the hull.

Spray it with Krylon Fusion. Old Town recommends it anyway. Good stuff. Protects the boat and adds a tough, durable coating.

I don’t have a poly canoe yet, but was thinking of buying one.

If I did, is keeping it on a trailer a bad idea then?


I use the…
rafters in the barn for long term storage. Short term in the summer I try to keep them in the shade.