I was wondering if hanging a kayak, wilderness systems manteo, 13’ about 70lbs, by ropes and pulleys would be sufficient, or should i use brackets on the walls

Thanks for time

it depends on what the rope and pulleys are attached to. if they have secure foundations, then the rope should be able to hold the weight. however, you can also use webbing straps to hold up the kayak.


Thanks for the reply, i was just wondering if the boat would sag or distort opposed to a wood method. Im planning to hang it to roof rafters with strong rope and pulleys

i think the likelihood of a kayak to sag has less to do with whether it’s supported by rope, webbing or wooden brackets and more to do with how far, or close, those supports are to each other.

if at all possible, store it on its side because it’s more rigid, and since your kayak has a rear bulkhead, make sure one of the support is under that (the bulkhead gives that area rigidity.) then loop the other support just ahead of where the cockpit begins.

one thing you should keep in mind is because a rope has the least amount of surface area in contact with the kayak, and therefore exerts a higher pressure per square inch, there’s a possible chance you may get small scratches on the hull, where the rope comes in contact with the kayak. there’s no structural damage from these, just visual blemishes.