store a kayak on a ground

Hi, I just bought a kayak (and a beginner), and don’t have any storage/rack to store it yet.

So right now I just lay it on the ground.

Is that safe for long term? or could it deform the hull or do any damage to it?

Also any suggestions on afforable storage/hanger?

This looks good to me, but could it damage the kayak?

I appreciate your help.

On It Side, Against A Wall, And
out of the sunlight. That’ll do 'til you think of something better.


If its outside
Check for critters before sticking your legs in.

If you need a short-term solution, and I don’t mean the ground, grab a couple of those folding sawhorses from Lowes or Home Depot. They work great and can be used for other projects after you get the strapes to hang your kayak on the wall.


Thanks for all the suggestions.
So storing it on its side is better than just laying it flat? I have put it on the ground for about 3 weeks. :frowning:

Most of the rack put it on its side. I guess the hanger I mentioned in the original post is good enough?

Read this review

Looks like a flag pole
Are you sure that isn’t a flag pole with a kayak shaped flag? It sure looks like one! Doesn’t look sturdy enough to be anything else…or is it just me?

A very cheap solution to
your kayak rack problem comes from Lowes. Plant hangers and pool noodles. Yup. The plant hangers look like oversized fish hooks and the pool noodles are used to cover them. Mount the hooks on a wall or fence, slit the pool noodle down the side to cover the metal hook and and sit the kayak right in them. The plant hangers are less than ten bucks each. Drop me an email and I will send you a digital pic.


Our kayaks get used so much
that we just keep them across a couple of old railroad ties , that are located close to the vehicle.

We have done this for a few years with out any harm to them.

When we head to Florida in Jan, their home will be on the roof racks for three months.

Rather than lay them directly on the ground, why not find a couple of old logs, or anything to keep them a few inches off the ground (will keep dirt from building up around them.

Lay them cockpit side down (to keep water and debris out) on the cross pieces, and place the cross pieces under where the bulkheads are located.



What kayak?
Model, material like plastic or other?

store a kayak on ground
I use my thule car top brackets, I just put metal shelf brackets on the wall screwed to studs.

When the thule brackets come off the car they they go on the shelf brackets in the garage, this only takes a few minutes.


Kayak rack
I used some simple arm hangers from Home Depot. About $3.95 each!

Mine is Mainstream - Majestic 11

28" wide.

I bought it because it is on sale. :slight_smile:

Don’t know if it is good or not, there is not much reviews.

Wow, so many creative ideas.
I just wonder as a general rule what kayak positions I should avoid during storage.

It seems most people put it on its side.

Is laying flat on ground bad because it could deform the hull, or because it just use too much space?



How wide are they?
Actually I bought a couple of heavy duty ladder hanger (shallow and wide) for my ladder, but they are in right angle not the J shape.

I will go to home depot to check the arm hanger and plant hanger.


the more surface area and the
more confirming the saddle the less stress on the boat.

Do not store a composite boat on the ground, osmosis can cause water to penetrate between the layers.

Huh ?
How come all the FG boats I see moored in the harbors aren’t sunk ?