Store my kayak for me?

I have moved to Fl (seeking a rental) and need a safe location for my 16’ kayak. Any suggestions for the orlando area? thanks so much.

Quite a few storage facilities popped up in a Google search. Here’s another:

Thank you but the easiest thing is to find a friend with a backyard.
BEST thing is to be a waterfront property owner, ha ha.

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As it’s been over a year since you originally posted, did you find something?

If you relocated for work, what I would suggest is to make the need known too all the other employees there and also to your bosses. The locals always know the ropes better then the newbie. If you get the question out in a big way, the answer will come quickly in most cases.

Thank you for asking. I gratefully found space in a friends backyard.
There are really NO kayak storage places in this area unless you know
someone. I am amazed with all of the water around that kayak storage
is so challenging. I tried the Guenings fish camp on A1A. They have kayak storage
but all spaces are full. I got on a waiting list about a year ago and they
have not built any more storage. Right now however I have friends who
are willing to store my kayak(s) in their yard. cheers.

Oh, and I am in the Saint Augustine area on the East coast…

Good to hear you found a solution!

Thank you for writing. We both LOVE kayaking. I am looking forward to having my own, waterfront, home so I can launch and store it from my own property. Happy holidays to you!.

Glad you found a solution! We recently found that we could store ours at a yacht club nearby with a very inexpensive membership fee.

Storage facilities are pricey. A friend of mine is paying $170 at a storage
room to house 2 small kayaks. Find a friend or neighbor who lets you put it
in their backyard on saw horses. Here in St. Augustine, Fl. there is virtually
NO storage on the water. One place that does have racks is full. I got on a
waiting list for space, but in a year they have not called. They need more racks.

“Adult Toy Storage?”