Storing a canoe right side up?

Is this a horrible thing? I’m going to be moving in a few months, and I don’t want to redo my garage to be able to take another canoe off the ground right now. So, I just have it sitting in the front, which still allows me to park my car.

Is this bad for the canoe? It is a relatively flat bottom boat, an 1989 12’ Mohawk Sportsman.

I realize flipping the boat would be very easy, but it’s nice to put stuff in the canoe for the time being.


I’m thinking…
if you have it on a soft, cushy padding it should be just fine.

But storing stuff in it means adding weight to it, and adding pressure to the points where it touches the floor.

Not knowing your boats shape or material, I’d just say it doesn’t seem like a good idea.

You may crack or warp the hull.

Maybe put it upside down on sawhorses, and store the stuff underneath.

Just my two cents.


It sounded OK until you mentioned storing stuff in it. Leaving it sit there a while shouldn’t hurt it, but piling things inside it, while it sits on a hard floor (unlike loading it on the water, where it won’t have “pressure points” as it will against concrete), can only be asking for problems.