Storing a canoe with Ash Yoke outdoors

Hi Team; First time poster (first time forum user, in fact), so bear with me if I’m in the wrong place or if this is a too-frequent question.

I own a 15’ Mad River Explorer, royalex. While the gunwales are vinyl, the yoke is ash and the seats are cane/woven. It has been stored indoors for the four years I’ve owned it, but I recently moved to a place where there is no basement or other indoor storage available. Thus, it must go out in the yard.

After doing some research, I ended up building some basic, but sturdy, racks/stands that will keep it about 3 feet off the ground, gunwales down. Additionally,I found a nice, shaded place for it to sit.

My question is, is this sufficient? Can I, should I, do anything to protect the yoke and seats? I’m in MA, and the winter here is long and wet, and the summers are hot and no drier. However, just wrapping them in tarp sounds like a recipe for seaped moisture and rot. Should I take further steps to protect the hull, like building a canopy?

Any advice is very appreciated. She’s had many miles and come away from them very babied. I hate to undo so many years of care just because I didn’t take proper steps.

Thanks. - Ben

Fine for the summer months

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I've stored my OT Camper outdoors since 1996. Last year the rear cane seat rotted and caved in. This canoe has one thwart and a yoke. I also found some rot in one end of the thwart that spends a lot of time against the ground on that side of the canoe. My mistake. Had I gotten it up in a rack as you are doing I wouldn't have had the thwart rot now. But really the cane seats should be removed and brought indoors for the winter. The caning will deteriorate out in the weather eventually and actually in maybe 30 years it will regardless.

don’t wrap

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Shade is sufficient..

The reason for not wrapping is that over the winter you need to check under the upside down boat to make sure no varmints are making a winter home there.

If you do use a tarp its best to have an air space between the hull and the tarp.

The problem with tarps is the snow load of course.

Do you have lots of wood?. You can make some of those bush shelters sized for going over your canoe..

Rot is caused by water. You should not have any rot if you leave airspace for circulation under the boat.

Never have I removed seats and thwarts! If you have cane the chief threat is animals nibbling. I've had a boat outside on a trailer for some 20 years winter and summer. No room inside for it.

Great idea…
Why didn’t I think to remove the yoke and seats? That’s an excellent idea.

Thanks for the input. I feel a lot more confident that my boat will be okay on the stands.

Makes sense. Thanks!
Thanks for the advice, and the link. That could certainly work to keep it extra protected, and would bear against snow better than a tarp, plus, be less an eyesore. Still, sounds like she’ll be okay in the shade and on stands. I might go 'head and remove the wood, at least over winter.

I feel a lot better about my approach now. Thanks for the tips!