Storing a Canoe

I’d like to store my new 16’ canoe inside my garage, but my garage is only wide enough for my car, but it has some depth to it. I’ve seen the pulley systems for sale ($$$) and they seem like they would work. I’d prefer not to store my canoe outside (especially in the winter, as I want to avoid cold cracks in the Royalex). Does anyone have any experience with the pulley systems or maybe an easy homemade alternative?

I have 2 pulley systems -
I have an out of the box system (about $50) and my own set up (double pulley - about $25). My own is a little overkill and more cumbersome than the store bought. They both work and save wall space. I drop the canoes down onto sawhorses. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

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Send me your email address & I'll send some photos of my "cheap" system.

I used 6 pieces of scrap lumber, 8 eyes bolts, and 6 tie down straps from NRS to hang a Bell Wildfire, a Bell Flashfire & a Dagger Sojourn. A lot cheaper than 50 bucks.


Thanks in advance.

You can definitely
go cheaper than my $25. I just lean toward the safety side with two kids traveling under the canoes. And then there are the cars underneath most of the time.

good luck


I used…
1/2" screw eyes in my garage joists,with 90lb test nylon rope,and a S hook. Screwed eye hooks into joists wider then canoe.Loops should be placed about 3’ from bow & stern. Front is loop from side to side. Back is length with S hook to other side length with a loop. Walk the canoe into front loop,hand walk the gunnels to the stern of the canoe, lift up on rear deck plate,grab side length of rope with S hook,swing under gunnels to the loop on the other side.Use 3 lines if boat is extra heavy,or long. Total costs $25. Have had a 105 lb tandem poly kayak hanging that way,and never caused a problem hanging over our cars. All 4 canoes,and kayaks are hung that way in my garage.E-mail me if you want a picture.

Happy Paddling billinpa