Storing a Hobie Mirage

I know this has been discussed before and I really did search the archives but I just can’t find the topic so here goes…

I have a Hobie Mirage SOT (great boat! got when tendonitis prevented me from paddling) that I will be storing in my garage. For my sea kayaks I have Martin Creek wall brackets but I seem to recall that plastic boats like the Hobie are supposed to be stored differently - on end if I recall as strange as that may seem.

For a roto kayak that might be somewhat practical but this is a big heavy beast that you are not going to just toss up on end.

I figured I would put some big L brackets on the wall under the sea yaks and just store it upside down on those. Maybe four brackets to spread the weight.

See any problem with that?

Actually the Hobies are pretty tough boats. I should probably just set it on the floor and stop worrying about little stuff. Cabin fever.

Why do we make things so complicated?

Try to store it upside down. The deck is flat like a canoe making it really easy to support the boat.

Doesn’t matter

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But if you try storing it upsidedown, remove the seat back and everththing else that you have on it that sticks up. A real pita that is for sure.

The Hobie line of kayaks are built like tanks. One could probably jump up and down on them and not cause any damage. This is reflected in their "dry weights."

Some ideas