Storing a kayak

I just got a new Perception Carolina 14.5 kayak.

I live in a one bedroom apt with no storage area. I was going to hang the kayak over the couch instead of a picture. Turns out the kayak won’t fit there. So now it is sitting in the middle of the living/dining room. Nothing like having to step over it all the time.

I have heard there are some type of storage racks/ropes so you can hang it from the ceiling.

Anyone have any experience with this type of storage.

Product reviews
You are probably referring to the Harken Hoister.


Don’t hang it from the handles…
Just don’t hang it from the end carrying handles, If you hang it, use straps with one a bit in front, and one behind the cockpit, Also hang it on it’s side. There is more stiffness along the side, and that will keep the plastic from getting out of shape.

Another option is to stand it up on it’s end, if you have a place high enough, Just secure it so it won’t fall over on any one.

Your local kayak shop should have some strap set ups you can use.

Good Luck! :slight_smile:

eyehooks and straps
go to the hardware store and buy some eyehooks

and some nylon straps

…and pulleys.
If you use eyehooks and straps, you may want to consider a pulley that fits the strap diameter. Pulleys will make the job of raising and lowering the kayak about 50% easier.

Have you considered “behind the couch” or along another wall–or will it not fit there?

When storeing or transporting a plastic kayak it is good to have the supports at the bulkhead area. This will help reduce distortion of the boat.

have had
my poly yak hanging from nylon rachet straps for about a year now. straps are near cockpit frt and back. No warpage. Also try searching archives for more info .

run straps thru pool noodles for cushy
support without strap scratch marks.

I’ve got a cheap wall rack idea I can share…

using 1/2 galvanize water pipe and flanges. email me for more info.

On the wall storage

Click on the first photo and it will show you how it will look mounted on the wall

dat looks real nice…but
for about 1/3 of that price, you can do it with water pipe. You can paint it to match your decor if you like. I think my rack is stronger too.

take a look…

go to kayak rack album.

granted mine is outside but properly dressed, it would look fine indoors.


wall rack
I was going to use the racks that you mount to the wall but there isn’t enough room to hang it. I measured wrong :frowning:

I had thought about pulleys and nylon straps for hanging it to the ceiling. Most people hang them in their garage not their apt…lol Guess I was a little worried about pulling the ceiling down on me.

I do know I am tired of stepping over it.

do you have enough diagonal space
on the wall? if so, my cheapo rack will work for you, just secure the bow with a strap.

good luck…

I didn’t even think about doing it that way. I will check and see if it will fit