Storing a polyethylene canoe outside

-- Last Updated: May-22-14 3:39 AM EST --

If you store a poly canoe outside, how do you do it? Is it kept in the shade? On sawhorses? On a trailer?

Can a poly canoe, such as the Coleman Scanoe, be kept on a trailer? Will that be possible?

What happened to the earlier message?
I know this was just posted a few days ago with plently of response advice that was not in agreement but each had merit. I believe the heavy poly boats do better rightside up with the bottom on a specially leveled ground area and sandbags placed in the middle AND out of the sun with a tarp to keep the rain out.

I can say this about poly
14 foot Stored upside down on it’s gunnels completely out of the sun in a well ventilated area on the 8 foot plywood deck of a utility trailer hogged like a 5 dollar horse after two years.

Thanks guys. I’m think I’m going to forget about buying a poly canoe. Too much of a PITA to store it outside. At least an aluminum one I can keep on a trailer, in the sun if needed, correct?

An aluminum canoe will not be harmed by
The sun or become warped or hogged by being stored on a trailer.

Go for Royalex
Royalex is far superior to poly in the susceptibility to hogging and warping. Usually a pretty good selection in the used boat market though they are about twice the price of a comparable poly FOR GOOD RAESON.