storing an Ascend D10


Purchased an Ascend D10 yesterday and am considering how to store it. I had planned on purchasing a waterproof, breathable cover (made out of tent like material) and storing it on it’s side or bottom outdoors on the ground but after a little research I’ve come to the conclusion that this isn’t optimal.

So now I’m considering hanging it on the wall of my garage. I’ve read that the best place to position the support rails or straps are at the bulkheads for strength, but the Ascend is a very open design lacking in bulkheads. The bow and stern are filled with blow in foam (I’d say about a foot’s worth as measured from the ends), but it seems that placing the support points there will cause an awful lot of weight to be unsupported in the kayak’s center. Instead, I’m thinking of supporting it with one support point positioned where the dashboard is located (as this also seems to be a structural member for rigidity) and the other about the same distance inward from the stern (or as close to that point as I can get given that the supports must also line up with wall studs). I’d then lay the kayak on it’s side on the support rails (covered with a closed cell foam such as a swimming noodle) or nylon straps suspending it at those points from a point on the wall. If I go the strap route I may even try a 3 point method with the additional point near the center for a bit of extra support.

Does my plan sound like a good way to go to avoid hull deformation?

Thanks a bunch…new to the world of plastic boats as my prior kayak is an inflatable and canoe is aluminum.


If your carport or garage has enough
vertical space, you can store the boat vertically.

Multi-point support is easy …
… to construct. If you opt for three support points and don’t build it exactly right, you could equalize the amount of contact on all three points by installing or removing shims of carpet at just one of the three support locations. If you go with four supports and don’t succeed in making it perfect, you will likely have to do that at two of the support locations. For a cheap boat without bulkheads, multi-point support sounds like a good method.