storing cane

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I plan on hanging my canoe under my deck about 6' from the ground. This would mean hanging it from the gunwales. Is this ok long term? It wil be hanging on 2x4's attached to chain from the joists.
OT Disco is the canoe if that matters

Should work fine. Any wood on the
boat? I have my Malecite stored outside and it was about a foot from the ground. The cane seats started mildewing. I think the ground was keeping it wet. I moved it to 4’ off the ground and eliminated the issue.

Cane seats…
It has cane seats. But it will be over 6’ from the ground.

Support ideally should be …
… at (or just behind) front seat and the same distance from stern resting on the gunnels .

It may be to your advantage to have one end stationary on a 2x4 U framed hanger and the other support swinging . Both supports swinging on chains seems it could get a bit awkward , just a thought .