Storing Canoe in Winter

I’ve been storing my canoe on an outside rack but want to get some sort of hanging system mounted under my deck. Has anyone here come up with a good system that is also easy to get your canoe down, use it, and put it back up?

Thanks! todd


Someday I’ll might post more detail, but for hanging under a deck, I think you can see every aspect of my system that you’d need to apply.

Very Simple System
I just screwed two sets of eyehooks into two deck joists just wider than the canoe’s width about 1/3 and 2/3 of the boat’s length. The upside-down canoe gunwales rest on two wood 1"x2" wood cross-pieces, with a hole for the line drilled on each end. A loop in one end of the line is hooked on one eyehook, passed thru the holes in the cross piece, and tied off to the opposite eyehook. Do that fore and aft, and there you go.

To lower the canoe, just unhook the line end with the loop in it. If you want to get fancy, tie one end of each line off to a pulley fixed to the deck underside; then use that to raise and lower the boat with more control…

Drop me an email if you’d like me to take a few shots of the setup and post 'em to a Picasa web album…

I have a similar desire, but because
it is not convenient to get under the deck, I would like a system where I could just poke one end of a boat into an aperture, and then shove the boat back under the deck. It then might be necessary to twist the boat so that it is hull up.

Look up
the storage options on the Placid boatworks web site. Easy, two eye hook, dual crossbar solution with pics.