Storing Canoe

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I recently moved and now should have room in my garage to store my canoe. I am looking for ideas on a simple, inexpensive, maybe even homemade way to store it above, off the floor, using some type of pulley system. I thought this would be a great place to solicit ideas.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or links to photos.

Our Storage Rack
See the bottom of the “Setting up Shop” page at:

for how we did it after we built ours.

Took about an hour with scrap ply and cost nothing compared to those expensive block and tackle systems. You would need to figure how to profile your kayak bottom - Try cardboard templates. The HUGE advantage of “on the side” like ours is the ability to work on and in them in the stowage rack.

Canoe / Kayak
Sorry - just spotted you are talking about a CANOE

(I’m a Brit where a Canoe is a Kayak and a Canadian is a Canoe…)

But the idea is still valid :slight_smile:

I had a similar question
Check out my recent topic on tips for building a canoe storage rack. While you want a pulley system, this may give you some good ideas. Also several of the posted messages deal with pulley systems including some pictures.

Good luck with your canoe storage system.


canoe storage
I simply went down to the local HD and bought four eyebolts and found the studs beneath the sheetrock in the garage ceiling. I use the same straps that I attach the canoe to the pickup. Thru the eyes, hanging loose the canoe goes. Back and forth a few times adjusting the straps tighter and its upside down next to the cieling. Next the paddles, pfd’s, dry bags etc are stored inside the upside down canoe and I am done. Any way, for what its worth. The only time it bothers me is when I know its the last time for that season.

Homemade hoist
It is pretty easy to make one. Two pulleys two screw in eyebolts and some line. Make sure the bolts go into ceiling joists.

BTW, DO NOT suspend your canoe by the ends using the painter holes. DO NOT stack it on one edge, like they sometimes do with kayaks. The boat will eventually warp and become swaybacked or cockeyed.

A canoe should be supported in thirds, either on its gunnels (best) orfrom underneath. I use a pair of bridle lines and attach my hoist ropes to those.

hanging canoe
I have hung my Sundowner from the carry thwarts for 17 years with no apparent effect. And I have had my Royalex Wildfire hanging by the carry thwarts for two years and it seems to me to have bent the gunwales upward. It is so convenient to hang right side up, but maybe it does do some damage to some hulls. I’d like to hear if others have had a problem storing canoes this way.

Hanging boat storage
It’s not a pulley system but I use 2 (3 would also work) appropriate length pieces of old garden hose screwed into joists or rafters above to suspend my canoes. Use 2 sheetrock screws on each end for security. Hose will conform whether you hang 'em round side up or down. Can’t get more simple or homemade than that

Thanks for ALL the help and refs to other discussions. I Think I am going with the rack on the wall solution. Using 2x4s and pipe insulation. It will be work in progress continuely, organinzing and re-organizing the garage, but the Canoe has to have a place, even if the wife’s car doesn’t…Thanks again.