Storing food

What is the best way to store cold cuts & other perishables in the dry hatch withouut spoiling for about 5 hours?

The hatch is not deep enough for a cooler, & I don’t wont my sandwich sitting in ice.



I use one of those small lunch box coolers things. It’s made of flexible cloth, lined with plastic, costs about $7-$8 at Wal mart. Put the reusable frozen ice things in. I also put a frozen bottle of water in, makes for a long lasting nice cold drink. I keep lunch cold for up to 10 hours with this method. Also wrap it in a towel to increase the insulation factor. And put it in a dry bag if you have leaky hatches.

Bob Appetit!


If you have flat stuff like the cold cuts, you can put ice cubes in a camelbak (or whatever hydration pak you may use), then put the cold cuts (in a ziplock bag) inside the carry pack (next to the bladder). That way you have cold food and water.

Another option is to select things
that can survive without refrigeration. Salami, pepperoni, summer sausage, hard cheeses, etc can last for days if kept out of direct sunlight. The various burger joints are a haven for non-perishable, single-erving condiments (mayo, mustard, horseradish, relish, etc). Pita bread is small, space effecient, and packable.

If you must have cold, then the soft-sided cooler with frozen bottled water is a great solution.

…or other similar type stores, sell containers for sandwiches that you freeze and then put the sandwich in. There are also small coolers with the same material built in. When I do round sandwiches, I use a quart plastic drink cooler that has been chilled.