storing gear in cockpit

I saw a kayak that had storage under the deck inside the cockpit to store gear. Anybody have ideas on this and how would this affect a wet exit??

Knee Tube?
I’ve also seen pull out drawers for storing things like lures for fishing.

Wet exit should still be OK. The
storage is where the 3" front wall would be in a WW kayak, and walls usually don’t affect wet exit unless you are a real moose like me.

Wet re-entry and roll
Stuff in something like a knee tube is usually more of an issue for that than an exit.

That’s what they make day hatches for.

I store my paddle float in a knee tube
and right next to it, my pump is attached to the deck underside with a mag-light clip. They’ve never been in the way in either a wet exit or a re-entry and roll, and I have a pretty low volume boat.

Women often easier
Yeah, the Tahsis is a fairly low-decked boat if I recall right. Been a while. The Elaho DS is roomy on me but maybe you are taller.

I can wet re-enter my Explorer LV with the extra-small cockpit, the fairly aggressive NDK thigh braces and bulkhead blocks wearing a drysuit and insulating layer (or two). But overall I have a lot more flexibility than most guys, and it’s just plain easier to tuck up when you are shorter. A lot of guys and the over-50 crowd have some limitations on that manuver.

another good option…
is to install bungie cords under the deck. I use a plastic welding rod tube to store items in. It slides under the bungies and stays put.

LV Explorer
Yup - it is tighter Celia. I had an Explorer LV when I was 195lbs anc could fit in fine. HOwever, add two layers plus a drysuit and it got too confining for me. Now, at 182 lbs I think I could still get into it with all layers. (6’2")

What a nice boat - and my tuilik (small opening) still fit on the small sized keyhole cockpit.


on the gear, the bag, the boat, the person. There have been lots of production kayaks in the past with inherently dangerous seat back attachments but they sold anyway.

I installed a 2"x5"x10" mesh pocket under the foredeck of a plastic Chatham 16. It’s great. A lot better than tethering stuff all over the deck, or not tethering it and watching it dissapear.