Storing Hullavators?

My husband and I recently purchased two Hullavators. Wondering if anyone has any great solutions for storing the Hullavator lift part when not not attached to the vehicle’s cross bar?

On a shelf in the garage . The extended 100 degree weather in Florida can wear them out, blown .

Mark the position the unit sits on the vehicle. Ours have dimension problems if on wrong side, wrong kayak. Note straps attached.

I keep mine on my clothes dryer in my utility room. In the winter they go into a spare bedroom.

More important for me is keeping the Thule cam straps, bow/stern loops, pivot pins, and quick-draw tie downs organized in a bag specific for that purpose (mine is a Trader Joe’s fabric grocery bag). The pivot pins and tie-downs go into in separate small plastic bags. Cam straps are daisy chained (as are tie-downs); Loops kept together with a length of red cloth which doubles as a stern flag. Those pivot pins are especially crucial. That bag lives in my car during paddling months.

Love my Hullavator!

In the unused kitchen, just someplace they won’t get unduly extreme temps or a lot of damp. And I lube relevant parts before they go on the shelf for the winter.

@Celia said:
In the unused kitchen,

I build a house for a woman that claimed to have one of those. It was 1985. Haven’t seen one since.

@Overstreet Not a joke on my cooking though it could be. My first floor used to be rental and has since been relegated to storing all the crap I should be getting rid of.


IIRC, they are pretty hazardous if stored compressed, and someone picks them up by the inner handle in a way that causes a trigger release. So if you have kids around it might be wise to bind them up with painters tape or equivalent. Im not sure if the lock is of any use when they are off the car.