Storing Kayak In Garage

Hi all. Just a question about storing a plastic kayak from the ceiling in the garage. I have 3 straps (one on each end and one in the middle) holding my kayak horizontally from the ceiling. Should you always hang it the same way (right side up) or should you alternate it by hanging it upside down or on its side? I always wonder about this every time I am in the garage and glance up at my baby. Thanks.


I don’t think…
it will matter.

I have boats stored on three padded rollers, probably less hull support than your straps, and always put the boats in hull down.

I have not seen any oil canning yet on the hulls where they meet the padded rollers.

BTW, these are stored in Florida temps, and include three or more types of plastic.

I think your baby is safe in the cradle.


Use wide stapes.
Put strapes on the bulk heads not on the end of the kayak.

I hang my Sirocco…
in my garage from the rafters on two small ropes that cradle it. I don’t know if they are on the bulkheads or not; I don’t believe they are. I have had no problems with hull dents or bending of any kind. This is in summer and freezing winter in the UP of Michigan.

Two straps of webbing…
Just about 2’ from either end of the cockpit will support your boat just fine. From your post it sounded like you were hanging it from the bow and stern (toggles?). It’s better to support the boat this way.

Webbing conforms to the hull, so it won’t dent the boat. I usually hang mine on their side (you can get more boats in that way).

garage storage
i’ve seen plenty of people store their boats with two pieces of webbing and the system seems to work well. The boat will probabally be best supported if the straps are located around the bulkheads or near the cockpit. (hope nothing happens to your baby)

My Loon111 has been hanging
from two straps in the garage for three years now, since I bought a solo canoe! The straps are 2" nylon webbing. To be honest I get it down occasionally and take it fishing. Never any deformation except when on the roof rack during hot days. I think hanging your boat in the garage is about the best thing you can do for it.

Thanks for everyones help. Yes, they are wide staps that I am using. Just not sure if I should hang it hull up sometimes, then on its side other times just to change things.


I have 5 boats hanging in myu garage.
Three are glass and two are plastic. They’ve been hanging the same way for 5 years in the case of the plastic ones and everything is fine.

We get temperatures in the summer that are well over 100 deg F and there have been no problems at all with any of the boats.

Thanks Waterdoc. I think you have answered my question!