Storing Kayak Outdoors

I’m considering a fiberglass or kevlar sea kayak, but will have to store it outdoors year-round. I’ve heard that kevlar is more susceptible to UV rays, but I’ve also heard that UV protection is one of the reasons gel coats are used. That would make me think both fiberglass and kevlar would hold up ok in the sunlight.

Can anyone tell me whether either kevlar or fiberglass would hold up better than the other if stored outdoors both during hot summers and cold winters?

both good
Store them out of the direct sun and you will not have any problems.

Unfortunately, it will have to be in sun
Since I live in the city, I will have to store it on the roof of my car in the sunlight all summer. Then, in the winter, I can put it on my back deck where it will be in the shade. Because I live in a condo, taking it off of my back deck each time I want to use it is a big production, so it isn’t a realistic option.

One or more manufacturers make travel and storage covers for sea kayaks that fit on the boat like a sock. I can’t remember offhand who they are but you can probably find them easily enough on a search. These are designed so as to be able to be left on the boat when travelling. You might want to invest in one.

here it is

Living Room Table
Why don’t you make it into a livingroom table? Lay a piece of glass w/finished edges over the middle, maybe add a vase w/some flowers. It would make a great conversation piece too. That’s a great way to get a lot of mileage out of your kayak, especially during the winter.

I do know a couple that rents an apt and did put their kayaks in their livingroom. I believe they bought them when they were renting a house.


I had same problem

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live in a condo and have to keep kevlar kayak and carbon/kevlar canoe on patio with lot's of sun and heat. I live in south Florida. Another problem is making the kayaks less noticeable kind of needed "condo camoflage technique".

I called up Max at:

He made me a custom cover out of an outdoor waterproof breathable fabric for the canoe and a bag for the kayak. So far, kayak and canoe are great 2 years later and they have held up well. Color matches building paint so good camo.

UV protectant like 303 would work ;
renew it often. My boats are in the sun part of the day and I haven’t seen any discoloration in 4 years. I use 303.

Just make sure you insist on coasters.
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