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I have two fiberglass kayaks that I store outside, sideways, up against each other, on the grass in my backyard. I was wondering if anyone has any tips about how to keep them safest in a storm. At one point I had them locked together but I figure this is probably LESS safe in terms of minimizing risk of damage in the event of heavy winds. Or is this why people store them inside?? (My garage is very full and used by a number of people and I’d be afraid that in the garage someone could let a boat fall or something fall on a boat.)

I’ve seen the damage storms can do to nice boats when they pick them up and toss them around or even thrash them around when they are locked to something. Others can give you advice on how to secure them outside. As far as the garage option is concerned, have used considered the Talic Kayak Condo or a hoist system like the one made by Harken? With either of these systems, the boats would be secured out of the way of other garage users, and there would be little risk of someone dropping one, because they’d have no business messing with them. It would require clearing some wall space (for the Kayak Condo) or ceiling space (for the hoist), but I’d give these a look and see if they’d work before you rule out the garage altogether. I use the Kayak condo, and they keep the boats tucked safely and securely against the garage wall.

A simple rack
I would not keep them on the ground. Build a simple rack and cover them with tarps.

Here are photo’s of the way I have mine stored. Additionally, I have two large eyebolts screwed into the uprights that I thread my lasoo locks through to keep them secure.

My boats are kept outside year round.


My outside rack looks like Andy’s
except it is free-standing and has canoes on it.I loop a security cable(Kryptonite-Home Depot)through the thwarts and around the boats.I can get the boats mostly under the eve of the house, so I just put 303 on them a couple of times a year.

Brian Nystrom’s
Here are some Webshots of Brian’s rack system. He makes not only fine racks, but has great galleries on his SOFs, repairs, and outfitting. Great guy.



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to something solid,try to keep fiberglass covered & cockpits sealed.

I’ve never tied mine to anything
but, they are stored just off the ground (on a couple landscape timbers) either between two out buildings or between one of the outbuildings and a dense line of Arborvitae trees, so the wind really can’t get at them to blow them anywhere.

If you don’t have any windbreaks, secure them with rope or straps to something else, even if they are just landscape timbers heavy enough to negate the effects of most winds.


Storing Kayaks
MY God Man! Do you want to anger the Paddling Gods! Put the furniture outside and store those boats inside. Happy Paddling. VF

Thank you
Thanks for your feedback everyone!!