Storing Kayak

Whats the best way to store a kayak. I’m not sure if the ceiling in my garage is high enough but if it is, is it safe to store it verticle? My next best choice would be on its side against the wall. I was thinking of riggging to foam blocks for it to rest on.

Either will work fine.
Choose whichever is most convenient for you.

Kayak care tips for NDK sea kayaks
Here’s a link to a page that lists kayak care tips for Nigel Dennis sea kayaks:

I think
I keep my pamlico 140 in the garuage laying flat on the ground. retailers in ft. collins such as EMS, mountain shop, and rocky mountain adventures have all done this. They just put their kayaks flat on the ground sometimes. my pamlico 140 owner’s manual says it will not get deformed this way.It said to hang the kayak or lay it flat on the ground because if you keep it on the side it could get a flat spot.

On its side
So i have my perception carolina 14.5 on its side against the garage wall… Is it ok to store on its side? I took two 2x4’s and put a foam pool noodle toy for padding so its rests on that…

On Perceptions website it recomends to store it on end, upside down or on its side. Don’t hang it by the grab loops.

Car Roof Rack
Also i have the Thule HullaPort to transport the boat on my car. The boat sits on its side in the J cradles. From what ive read its fine there as long as you dont over tighten the straps…